Better Content, Better Engagement
How to write compelling copy

Download our guide for more tips on creating engaging and effective emails.

Email marketing has come a long way in just the past few years. But with all the fancy new functionality brands are utilizing, you know what’s kind of funny? A well-written, plain-text email can perform just as well (if not better) than a highly designed email with tons of bells and whistles.

In fact, no matter how fancy your marketing emails look, if they’re devoid of well-written content, your subscribers will stop opening -- and start deleting -- your messages.

So, how do you write a great marketing email? It all comes down to a few copywriting best practices that you should apply to both the subject line of your message and the message body itself.

This guide covers the top tips for better copy, including:

  • How to highlight the value, not the sales pitch
  • Keeping emails short and to the point
  • Showing your brand's personality
  • And more!