Are you prepared for increased regulatory scrutiny? See our price transparency checklist

Thank you for your interest in our guide, “Price Transparency … What’s next?” Like much of the industry, you’ve likely posted your standard charges online and are waiting to see what the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will require next. However, there’s much you can be doing today to stay ahead of future rulings while better positioning your organization to respond to consumerism.

In this guide we provide a checklist to assess your readiness for future federal and state price transparency requirements. For instance:

  • Have you thought about your pricing strategy? How do your prices compare with other providers in your market?
  • What about your estimator capability? Can you create an accurate estimate in a user-friendly format? Can your patients create their own estimate online for standard procedures and services?
  • Is transparency influencing your customer satisfaction – good or bad?

At nThrive we can help you explore the answers to these questions and more, navigating increased regulatory scrutiny while better supporting patients on their financial journey. To learn more on how you can partner with nThrive, e-mail us at or call us at 678-323-2500.