Join the Claims Management Community on the nThrive Community Portal

How to join the nThrive Community Portal

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Join the community" link. img
  3. Fill out the registration form. img


How to join the Claims Management Community

After your registration is submitted and approved, you will receive an email with log in instructions.

  1. When you log in, click the COMMUNITIES tab
  3. Click FOLLOW

Select the blog group(s) you wish to join and the email frequency for each group.

Click the GROUPS tab, go to the blog(s) listed below, then select +Join Group.

  • Claims Management Alerts Blog
  • Claims Management Notifications Blog

Manage email frequency by clicking the button with an envelope (example below).


You are almost there! The last step is to choose WHEN you want to receive emails regarding COMMUNITY posts.

At the top of the page in the upper right corner, click the dropdown arrow next to your name, and select MY SETTINGS.


Scroll to the bottom where it says Email Notifications. Select the options you want, SAVE your selections and start interacting with your peers!