How Costly Are Your CJR Data Errors? 

How To Manage Risks In Comprehensive Care For Joint Replacement For Care You Don’t Control

Understanding and managing your post-acute care costs is an important strategy for getting your comprehensive care for joint replacement (CJR) program off on the right foot. But that’s not news. What is news are the errors in the CJR data that you’ll need to manage these ‘uncontrollable’ costs that you are now at risk for.

Now’s the time to look at how your target prices and post-acute costs are calculated, and how costly the errors are for your facility.

In this e-book, you'll learn:

  • How will you evaluate the shift to less costly services, and its quality and financial impacts on the episode of care?
  • What measurements will you use to track and manage collaborative providers’ performance, and are those in place?
  • Are you able to manage variability in cost and outcomes from your post-acute partners?

If you’re unsure of the answers, now is the time to act. nThrive has identified numerous target price errors and potentially misleading benchmark data that will impact your financial risk and performance. Read our complimentary Managing CJR Risks in Post-Acute Care that You Don’t Control now to learn more.