What Are 9 Ways To Reduce Payer Underpayments?

Learn How To Remove Cash Drains

What are the leading sources of underpayments your health system suffers from? If close to half of payment discrepancies are due to payer underpayment, how much cash are you missing out on?

Your health system may have the opportunity to reduce underpayments to 2% of cases using improved revenue capture techniques.

This executive checklist details the anatomy of a health system underpayment, areas that are frequently prone to payment errors, including:

  • Deficient clinical documentation
  • Missing charges and incorrect coding
  • Incorrect claims pricing based upon incorrect contract terms
  • Inability to identify inaccuracies in calculated payments
  • Incorrect interpretation of contract terms

Follow this checklist Nine Ways to Reduce Underpayments to ensure accountability, payment accuracy, and improve revenue recovery.